Bachelor of Arts in English

Category: Diploma Degree Course

Course Details:

Phung Daw Oo International University (PIU) has its aim to offer quality education and promote the capacity of the youth in Myanmar. As one component of PIU, Diploma in English is established to foster student’s capacity through English. The Diploma in English program has specialized in English language preparation hosted by distinguished high profile and experienced instructors. The program intends to fulfill the gap between the youth of the community and the society where the demand of English language proficiency is increasingly immense. Believing that English is a channel to craft their path and follow their dreams, the program provides fruitful opportunities to heighten their skills. Young generation of this age get more opportunity in terms of work or study when they have fluency in English. While enhancing English proficiency, the program has also prepared to provide 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, creating, innovation, team working, and other additional knowledge.

The Diploma in English program is aimed to prepare the youth intellectually both to further studies and for a wide choice of career options; for those who would like to pursuit their higher degree on abroad, or who would like to enhance their capacity for better work life. The program lasts 9 months through which students will attain knowledge required to enter the professional life including language preparation, computer skills and personal development skills that will enhance their opportunity in different factors. We believe in the beauty of diversity and the program gives equal opportunity to every individual with different background; regardless of the gender, ethnicity and religious differences.

Mission: To provide English language preparation courses throughout the year and upgrade the level of English to push the ambition beyond limits

Learning Outcomes

  • To promote the level of English language proficiency
  • To prepare for further studies and job readiness
  • To develop intellectual and analytical skills
  • To work in the team and communicate effectively

Program Overview

Duration: 9 months

  • Term 1: March - May
  • Term 2: June - August
  • Term 3: September - November

Program Modules

  • Academic English Writing
  • Academic English Reading
  • Academic English Speaking
  • Academic English Listening
  • Research and Academic Skills
  • Computer Literacy and Skills
  • Oriental Studies
  • Southeast Asia Studies
  • Environmental and Sustainability
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Leadership Skills

Course Syllabus

Requirements Description:

Application Requirement

  • Must be high school graduate
  • Must have self-motivated learning attitude
  • Strong interest in personal growth
  • Wiliness to work for the community development


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