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The Phaung Daw Oo International University’s Pre-College Program (PIU-PCP) formerly known as Phaung Daw Oo Pre-College Program (PDOPCP) was founded in 2012 in order to help Phaung Daw Oo monastic education school (PDO) faculty and staff bridge the English language competency, critical thinking ability and other developmental and professional skills in 21st century. PIU-PCP strives to further facilitate both the development of competent and engaged community leaders for the democratic development of Myanmar as well as help connect them to educational opportunities at foreign universities, in so far as the current capacity of local universities remains somewhat limited and highly regulated.

PIU-PCP serves as an educational capstone for members of the PDO (and greater Mandalay) community, while also serving as a foundational/preparatory course for students wishing to seek higher education degrees outside of Myanmar. Our program is completely English-immersive. The curriculum stresses the building up of critical thinking and analytical skills. The program also creates a space for practical educational experiences while maintaining a supportive and safe atmosphere for learning. The program will provide students with the skills and knowledge to be able to pursue high quality education, either in country or abroad and will support them to become competent leaders who are committed to serving their communities through Myanmar’s development and transition process.

PIU-PCP is an a-year long program and is organized into four terms with a one-week break between each term, three academic terms then followed by a 2-month service learning phase. Each term, five courses will be offered with an approximate number of teaching hours; six hours of class per day from Monday to Friday. The Service Learning component is designed to enable PIU-PCP students to apply their learning towards the benefit of community needs across Myanmar, build up their confidence as leaders, and gain the type of practical understanding that can only come from real field experience. That is not to say, however, that learning through the academic terms is confined to the classroom. Community outreach, education fairs, and extra-curricular activities are encouraged to build students’ leadership abilities and values of civic engagement. Curricula are especially designed for fostering students’ creativity and understanding of social, political and economic issues in the region and nation.

Since 2012, Phaung Daw Oo’s International University’s Pre-College Program (PIU-PCP) has provided 220 Myanmar adults who come from different corners of Myanmar and belong to diverse culture and ethnicities, with immersive English, Social Sciences, Liberal Studies and Humanities, Democratic Education and service training in order to enable Myanmar students to access high-quality tertiary education, engage with communities in democratic transition and develop critical thinking skills and a passion for responsive community service. Over the past 10 years, PIU-PCP has been successful at increasing the number of qualified students from the PDO community to study and train at institutions of higher learning abroad.

PIU-PCP strives to contribute to supplying the next generation of capable and highly educated leaders that can most effectively participate in the reform process, and in just three years the program has already seen positive results.


To provide quality higher education and professional development opportunities to reduce the educational deficit and build a cohort of skilled individuals with the skills to help alleviate the immediate humanitarian crisis and build the foundations for longer-term development.


  • To provide students with the skills required to design community development projects that focus on community responsiveness and engagement.
  • To improve student access to university education by improving English and critical thinking skills.
  • To promote global political awareness and encourage social citizenship and engagement in democracy.
  • To improve general civic education and leadership skills through service learning

Recruitment Process

  1. Application Form & Essays Submission
  2. Develop Shortlists
  3. Shortlists do entrance exam and attend workshop
  4. Develop Semi-finalists
  5. Invite Semi-finalists to interview
  6. Finalists released

Course Syllabus

Requirements Description:

Selection Criteria

  • High School Graduates                                                             [Required]
  • Intermediate level of English                                                     [Required]
  • 1 year volunteering in PDO or Monastic Schools                      [Ideal]
  • Study Abroad Plan                                                                     [Ideal]
    • Commitment to work in community after PCP                [Ideal]


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May I know how can i apply diploma in social studies.

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