Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management

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We established Tourism Assistant Project (TAP) in 2014 with the support of Foerderverein Myanmar. Our course is designed to offer the young people for job opportunities in the developing Myanmar Tourism Sector We have created this course based on the German apprenticeship system. We conduct 9 month programs at no charge for 40 students per class including Principles of Tourism, Aspects of Myanmar, Itinerary Design and Development, Sustainable Ecotourism, English, Hospitality training, Management, Tourism Law, Tourism Impact, Human Resources Management, Food Service Management and Travel Agency Business and internships to prepare students to work in the tourism sector. For the duration of six months, students take part in the theoretical approaches to the tourism industry, as well as having some practical insights, such as cooking classes within the food and beverages module. The theoretical part is split into several modules, each lasting from two days to a week. The last three months of the course are dedicated towards the hands-on experience of our students. Here, students do a work experience in a field of their choice, such as a travel agency, a restaurant or a hotel.


We aim to teach as much knowledge as needed to succeed within the Myanmar tourism industry. To achieve this, we have hired many professionals who actively work within the industry. Our teachers do not only come from Myanmar, but also have international background. So far, professionals from Germany and the United States of America have supported us with our project.

Since 2015, the project has been expanded and has begun involving other parts of the tourism industry. Deficits have been singled out regarding the communication between Burmese taxi drivers and their customers. Thus, an English course especially designed for taxi drivers has been created. Furthermore, a need for environmental protection has been recognized. The tourism project’s participants have therefore begun to do trash collection activities in and around tourist attractions to ensure the cleanliness and preserve these attractions and holy places for the future. In addition to this, a German course, a French course and Chinese Course have started taking place two months ago.

Our goals

Our aim is to further educate young professionals and creating new opportunities for their futures, as well as working towards a more professional tourism industry within Myanmar.

Our vision for the future

The future of the Burmese tourism industry brings many challenges and opportunities. The challenges are defined by the ever growing environmental threat in Myanmar, caused by a lack of education and care towards the environment. Opportunities present themselves with the ever growing Burmese tourism industry, which does not only contribute towards the economic growth of the country, but also created job opportunities and a successful future career for young Burmese professionals. We would like to tackle both the challenges and opportunities with our following proposal: to create a training school, in which our NGO can be based. This compound will include a guest house, kitchen, dining halls, offices, class rooms, and hostels for students and teachers. It is planned to expand the project’s activities to further language classes, further and more specific training within the tourism industry, and much more. The second branch of the NGO would be to create a sustainable destination management project, which will educate and support locals in looking after their environment as well as helping to clear up the already littered environments.

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