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The Master of Education offered by PIU - School of Education is designed to equip and prepare students for a variety of roles within the education system. This includes teaching, teacher-training, supervision and school administration roles in areas such as educational management, pedagogy, curriculum development and administrative duties. As a prospective M.Ed. student, you can look forward to developing your academic, research and practical skills in the area of education. The graduate-level courses available will provide you with a platform to explore different topics related to education from theoretical, professional, and practical perspectives. You will be encouraged to think critically about these topics while also being made aware of their ethical implications as well as any moral or personal care considerations that may need to be considered when addressing them in practice. The two-year program is designed for students who are eager not only learn more but also put what they have learned into action through real world applications such as fieldwork and internships which can help supplement classroom learning experience by giving them hands on experience with educational practices outside the university setting. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for networking within the school’s alumni network so that students can connect with professionals already working in their desired fields before graduation day arrives. By enrolling at this institution, you will benefit from an enriching environment where everyone is dedicated towards helping each other become successful educators equipped with both knowledge and skill sets necessary for success upon completion of the program. With experienced faculty members committed towards ensuring every student gets individual attention during classes, it's no wonder why many past graduates have gone on pursue fulfilling careers after graduating from here!


No Module Credit
Edu 2001 Foundations of Education 3
Edu 2002 Instructional Desgin and Development 3
Edu 2003 Educational and Learning Theories 3
Edu 2004 Internationalization of Education 3
Edu 2005 Curriculum Desgin and Development 3
Edu 2006 Research Methodology 3
Edu 2007 Inclusive Education 3
Edu 2008 Gender and Education 3
  Thesis 12



Master of Education (M.Ed.)


Total Credits

24 credits of course work + 12 credits of thesis



2 Years (Full-time)


Medium of Instruction



Assessment Mode

Individual Presentations

Group Presentations


Case Study Analysis Reports



Formative assessment = 60%

Summative assessment = 40%



75% (minimum)


Grade Mark Credit
High Distinction 75-100 4
Distinction 51-74 3
Pass 26-50 2
Unsatisfactory 1-25 1


Course Syllabus

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