Exclusive lunch: Bachelor's degree programs

Phaung Daw Oo International University always provide the events for the students.

  • 02Jul,2023

    Exclusive lunch: Bachelor's degree programs  4 months ago

    Ready to join PIU's "Exclusive Launch: Bachelor's Degree Programs" to continue making your Higher Education Dreams come true? During the event, we will introduce you to not only our newly-opened Bachelor's Degree Programs in 2023-2024 academic year but also other Diploma programs, Scholarship and Exchange programs which are currently in progress at PIU.

    Anyone who are into PIU's undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma programs can join this free-and-open-to-public event which will be held as follows:

    Date - July 2, 2023 (Sunday)
    Time - 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Venue - Hotel Mandalay Ballroom (2nd floor)
    78th st, bet: 37th & 38th sts, Mandalay.

    At this event, we're thrilled to elaborate everything about our newly-launched bachelor's degree programs and other existing diploma programs plus special scholarships exclusively. You can also inquire and discuss detailed information for each of our programs. Why not RSVP today through the link below or do QR scan on the poster?


    PIU, officially partnered with International Buddhist College and Chang Mai Rajabat University in Thailand, and Fo Guang University and Nanhua University in Taiwan, is dedicated to nurturing future leaders and scholars, offering a diverse range of postgraduate and undergraduate programs that empower students with comprehensive knowledge, critical thinking skills, and practical expertise. Our four-year bachelor's degree programs include Education, English, Social Sciences, Nursing Sciences, Information Technology, Tourism Management and Pāli and Buddhist Studies. PIU also offers its students and graduates a range of bridging, scholarship and exchange programs to study abroad.