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Diploma in English

As per interest and request of potential students, PIU - School of Foreign Languages is thrilled to open registrations for another online diploma program entitled DIPLOMA IN ENGLISH (Weekend Section) starting in the second week of August. In this 9-month diploma course, via Zoom Cloud Meetings, you will intensively learn and upgrade English Language Skills required for your academic and professional development as well as other specific skills that are increasingly important in our society nowadays. During and beyond the course, we guarantee you can enhance your potentials to the fullest in your educational and vocational endeavors and achievements. You will be awarded the PIU-certified diploma after the completion of the course.

Course Title - Diploma in English

Course Duration - 9 months (3 terms)

Commencing Date - August 7, 2023

Days - Mondays to Fridays

Time Slot - 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM MMT

Platform - Zoom Cloud Meetings

To be eligible, the applicant must have any document or certificate which shows the completion of the Myanmar Matriculation Examination or GED or IGCSE.

To enroll in this course, you can choose one of the two plans of payment as follows:

1. Pay 250,000 MMK one time for the whole course (20,000 MMK Discounts)

2. Pay 85,000 MMK for each term (5,000 MMK Discounts)

Payment methods are given in the Google Form.

For the enrollment process, you need to

- fill your information in the Google Form,

-choose the plans for payment, and transfer the fees,

-check the payment info and upload your payment receipt through the Google Form,

-submit after you've completed and double-checked, and

- receive the course information via email within a week.

More about the course - https://bit.ly/deonline-piu-e

Google Form for enrollment - https://bit.ly/application-deonline-piu

We have a seat limit of 30 for this course. Therefore, if the seats are all filled, the admissions will be closed. Enroll now to earn Diploma in English while staying home!